Green Rash –
It seems to be worse this year, the green tarnish. Somehow the fall weather caused quite a few deposits on patios, garden furniture, etc.

Green deposits are often a distracting and sometimes dangerous problem in the garden. How do you solve it?

Solution for green deposits

Green deposits
Green deposits on paths and terraces are unsightly and often dangerously slippery. Garden furniture is no longer suitable for sitting on after the winter. But wooden decks and terraces are especially treacherous. In rainy weather, you slip quickly.

I usually wait until after winter. Then, in early spring, we tackle the problem.
And the fewer tiles, the fewer green deposits, of course. A garden with plants often requires less work than a terrace full of green tiles.

How to tackle green deposits
There are several options, such as cleaning vinegar, road salt, green soap, etc. Often not all are approved for use on tiles or stones. They are bad because they can get into surface water and affect trees and plants. These chemical remedies are also not at all safe for pets.

You can wait for the sun to bleach away some of the green deposits, but this usually only works to a limited extent.

There are also special green attack cleaners on the market. I personally don’t like all those chemical products and therefore choose the fastest and most environmentally friendly solution, the pressure washer. A pressure washer does use electricity and water, but I find a slippery sidewalk too dangerous.